MRIMIN Aufblasbarer Buttplug mit abnehmbarer Nadel und Analsexspielzeug für Mann und Frau-Stahlkugel enthalten


$24.90 $48.00
  • Druckbegrenzungsventil: Verfügt über einen maximalen aufblasbaren Durchmesser von 3,93/10cm. Jeder übermäßige Luftdruck wird automatisch abgelassen, wenn er den empfohlenen psi überschreitet, was ein sicheres Spiel garantiert.
  • Ergonomisches Plug-Design: Entworfen mit einer zusätzlichen Schaftlänge von 1,57/4 cm, um Beschwerden an den Schließmuskeln und dem Analbereich während des Gebrauchs zu reduzieren. -
  • Bequeme Verwendung: Das zweiteilige Design ermöglicht eine einfache Demontage. Einfach die Luftpumpe vom Analplug trennen und mitnehmen! Der Luftdruck bleibt konstant, wenn die Pumpe entfernt wird, was eine diskrete Verwendung ermöglicht. (Oder verwenden Sie das Ablassventil an der Pumpe!) -
  • Premium-Flüssigsilikon: Null Plastikgeruch mit unserem Premium-Silikon. Wir kombinieren körpersichere Materialien mit der Flexibilität zum Aufblasen. -
  • Eingebaute Stahlkugel: Im Stopfen befindet sich eine frei bewegliche Stahlkugel, mit der Sie mit Ihren Bewegungen gezielten Druck ausüben können.
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Butt plug helps lose weight

I am a 19-year-old woman and I regularly insert this butt plug each morning before my daily 45-minute jog. It feels so intense and amazing while I am jogging. Then, after I return home, I remove the butt plug, which leaves my anus gaping open two inches wide. My boyfriend then has anal sex with me for 30 minutes, delivering about 3,000 anal thrusts and ejaculating three times. The experience gives him so much pleasure, so I could not be more satisfied with this quality product.

United States United States

Perfect for that “full” feeling without needing a massive traditional plug

Absolutely wonderful toy! Packaging was very discreet . The item itself is very soft to the touch and comfortable to wear and insert. Due to the soft and rounded nature of the toy you will likely need to push at it a bit more to get it in. It helped for me to firmly hold it beneath the steel ball and use the ball as something to press against myself to insert it if that makes sense. I played with inflating the plug before insertion just to get an idea of how much it would expand with each pump but even if you do that once inserted take it slow to be sure. The great thing is that if you do inflate it too much for comfort you can easily release some of the air to make it more comfortable, and it also has a safety pressure valve to prevent over inflation. The toy cleans very easily and comes with a spare inflation needle which is great. The only kind of wonky thing is that if you’re using this toy on your own finding the insertion port for the needle on your own to deflate it can be a little tricky without a mirror. That aside I have zero true complaints about this toy and absolutely would recommend to anyone who enjoys that “full” feeling but might not enjoy larger traditional plugs.

Luxembourg Luxembourg

Very nice, but not a one person operation!

The initial feeling was incredible! Instant arousal. It fills you up nice and it stays in place. Very comfortable to wear for long periods. A bit difficult to insert, as the material is soft and flexible, but the metal ball helps. Insert with the inflation needle attached, give it a pump or two, and wow. Remove the needle and walk, sit or dance in relative comfort. However, this is not a one person operation! While you can get it in yourself, it is near impossible to get out by yourself! First, you have to find the hole for the needle without poking yourself - challenging, but doable. Then, you have to insert the needle far enough todeflate the device. However, the arms are so flimsy, just the force of pushing the needle in can cause the whole thing to fall in! You need another hand to pull on the device while you push in the needle. I had a moment of panic and visions of people trying to awkwardly explain their situation to spouses or medical personnel. Do not inflate more than a pump or two until you are very comfortable you can remove it and/or deflate it by yourself (the more you pump, the more it tries to pull itself deeper.) It deserves five stars, but not if you can't get it out! Needs a much firmer base to be used by one person. After removal, there is an odd feeling of it still being there. I assume internal stretching? Probably not something your doctor would recommend. But, it feels really great before the panic sets in! :)


Easy in, easy out...but add a few pumps of air and

Easy to insert (though a little strange how soft the entire thing is, including the flange) and easy to remove...when deflated. But feels surprisingly overwhelming (in a good way) once it's inside and you inflate it a bit. Just what I was looking for, after buying a little too many anal plugs during this terrible pandemic. It's nice to be able to remove the inflation needle so you don't have to worry about accidentally bending the needle or having a potentially unwieldy tube flopping around while using this plug! The soft flange does concern me a bit but...nothing bad has happened yet. Until then, I'm going to enjoy using this.


Fantastisch :)

Ich hatte schon einen sehr günstigen Plug zum auf pumpen, der hier ist aber um längen besser! Das Material ist unglaublich weich, fühlt sich toll an und ist sehr leicht ein zu führen - nicht zu letzt dank der Stahl Kugel im Inneren. Die Kugel ist auch wirklich super :) man spürt sie bei jeder etwas größeren Bewegung, ein sehr schönes Gefühl - kann den Plug alles in allem wirklich nur empfehlen er ist sein Geld absolut wert!

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