MRIMIN Inflatable Anal Plug Double Headed Body-Safe Tail Plugs Butt Silicone Training Sex Toys for Male, Female and Beginners, Steel Ball Included


$28.90 $45.00
  • Features maximum inflatable diameter of 3.93/10cm. Any excessive air pressure will be automatically be released if it exceeds the recommended psi, guaranteeing safe play.
  • Inflatable butt plug has a double head inflatable pump. Compared with the single inflatable anal plug, just press two pumps to inflate, and the two filling plugs will expand the anus for two people at the same time, increasing the sense of physical pleasure.
  • Convenient safe Use: The two part design allows for easy disassembly. Simply separate the air pump from the anal plug and take it on the go! The air pressure remains constant if the pump is removed, which allows for discrete usage. Or use the release valve on the pump!
  • Zero Plastic Odor with our premium silicone. We combine body safe materials with the flexibility for inflation
  • Two free moving steels ball is in the plug, allowing you to apply targeted pressure with your movements.

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