How to Wear and Position a Hard Packer

This article is about FTM transgender packer.

Hard-packers are likewise called pack and also play. Such packers are constructed from firmer however flexible material such as silicone, so pack as well as play versions appropriate for both packing and sex. Lots of Hard packers have a semi-hard, flexible rod inside, so it can be positioned up, down, or out and also ready for enjoyable. Just bear in mind - if you are planning to make use of a hard packer for sex-related penetration, usage water-based lube. It will have an effect on your and your companion's satisfaction.

Although hard packers are fantastic for both packaging and playing, they are not ideal for STP function.

Wearing and positioning

Hard packers are primarily worn located downwards, given that evacuating might harm the product. Loading upwards is feasible only when the packer is produced in a particular means, and also the shaft is pointed up.

When loading down, position your packer downward, right above the scrotal location. You can additionally attempt placing a hard packer greater on your pelvic bone. Just like when evacuating, you should never ever overdo it and pack as well reduced, considering that it will merely look abnormal and awkward. Loading down helps to achieve that vibrant as well as visible effect. It's a wonderful selection for people who would love to show off a little.

Note that pack and play or hard prosthetics are not as comfy as soft packers. Considering that they are made both for penetration and also regular using, the material is a little more challenging, as well as the model itself is bigger. Naturally, using an obvious as well as tough packer all day might be tiring. You can try wearing it at home - this way you'll see whether it is not creating any kind of concerns regarding comfort and self-consciousness.


MRIMIN Transgender FTM Packer

How to Wear and Position a Hard Packer

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