• このおしっこペニスへのトランススタンドは100%手作りで、非常にリアルです。この商品が在庫切れの場合、作成には7〜9営業日かかります。ありがとうございます。あなたの忍耐のために。
  • このFTM補綴ペニスは、非常に耐久性があり、高性能です。ハーネスにストラップを付けて東からストラップオンします。 つかむと、本物の肌のように感じます。
  • ボディセーフ素材で作られています:医療用液体シリコン、石鹸と水で簡単に洗浄できます。フタル酸エステルを含まない柔軟な素材は肌と同じくらい柔らかいです。
  • 公共の場で使用する前に、シャワーで練習することを強くお勧めします。過去に他のSTPで成功したことがある場合でも、各STPは異なり、適応するのに時間がかかります。
  • 柔軟なシリコンインサートロッドを備えたこのFTMパックアンドプレイペニスは、硬度と柔軟性の完璧なバランスです。
  • プライベートパッキング–目立たないパッケージングで、プライバシーを保護します。ご不明な点がございましたら、お問い合わせください。
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Andy L.
United States United States

Great product

I have previous purchased much more expensive prosthetics from other companies. This is comparable for a fraction of the price. I was so impressed that I ordered another product, which I also love.

gavin C.
Canada Canada

love it

great product and shipping was fast

Hailey H.
United States United States

Amazing quality

Amazing quality and fast shipping!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

AMAZING ! Absolute euphoria at a great price !

Shipped and arrived way quicker than expected, honestly almost happy cried when I saw it had came! Its a lot softer than I thought it would be which is great, it has a super nice feel - almost skin like. It’s pretty big and has a wide lips/space which is great for stp. Good realism but could look more realistic with painting For packing - it actually folds pretty nicely and sits comfortably in tighter boxers, looks good and not to big packed to the side even in jeans! I did worry it would be too noticeable or look like a boner but it’s actually fine, sits pretty comfortably in my boxers - after an hour or so you can barely tell it’s there! Stp - Good coverage and the space down the shaft is good to prevent overflowing, the hole on the tip is wide but wouldn’t be that noticeable if someone got a glimpse of it. It’s softer than expected so you have to be careful pressing the lips to your body so you don’t obstruct your stream & cause a leak/overflow , also be carefull aiming not to squeeze the shaft too tight and also stop ur stream & overflow Haven’t used it for play yet but the rob gives it a good firmness while still being able to bend a bit, the silicone on the top of the rod has details and is super soft which is good for stimulation ! Will update this (if I can) once I’ve used it for play :) Overall super great and I’m over the moon! Feels like a part of me already and complete gender euphoria! Even better it’s an absolute steal at an affordable price, will be using this brand again Thank you so much mrimin

A MRIMIN Customer
Phoebe N.
United States United States

great for play

Was looking for an affordable prosthetic to meet my play needs with my partner, who wanted something more reasonably sized than most of what is out there. It's surprisingly difficult to find something with less than 5 inches insertable. I prefer uncircumcised prosthetics that are reasonably realistic and made of silicone, and it's hard to find something that fits the bill. I may also attempt to add tubing to this to make it a 4 in 1 at some point, so I wanted a hollow STP, but haven't tried that yet. Turns out this is the nicest strap on I've tried yet! I really like the stimulation parts of the rod and the way it fits closely to my body, and the size is perfect - realistic, not tiny, but not intimidating either! The firmness of the rod is perfect, particularly paired with the softness of the outside. The paint job is nice and realistic. It all just feels very "right" - there's nothing worse than a packer or strap on that doesn't feel like you. This feels like an extension of my body. Works well with harness underwear. I did give the STP features a try and it works well, without much spillage, but I have to make sure it's close to my body and angled correctly to fully drain. I would love more options in the rod and there was a teeeeny bit of extra silicone on the hole, but this is a very, very good packer for the price and I could see saving up for another device from MRIMIN in the future.