<transcy>MRIMIN FTM Transgender 2 em 1 Packer e Play Ultra-Lifelike Protetic Penis-UL06</transcy>


  • Este empacotador trans é 100% feito à mão, ultra-realista. Se este produto estiver fora de estoque. Levará de 7 a 9 dias úteis para make. Obrigado pela sua paciência.
  • Este empacotador protético FTM é muito durável e de alto desempenho. Quando você o pega, parece uma pele real.
  • Feito de materiais seguros para o corpo: Silicone líquido de grau médico, fácil de limpar com água e sabão. O material flexível sem ftalato é tão macio quanto a pele.
  • Embalagem privada - Embalagem discreta, proteja sua privacidade. Entre em contato conosco se tiver alguma dúvida.
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United States United States

Perfect for ball dysphoria

I recently purchased this after using the reelmajick packer for over a year. I usually love the reelmajick but it was missing a huge a major thing for me. Having a pair of balls separate from the packer so it felt like you had a pair. This packer gives you exactly that. A perfect bulge and the balls that feel very real and life like for the grab test. If they threw in the option for fully moving testicles this would beat ever packer on the market for that sensation of having a pair of balls that fit perfectly with you. Despite non moving balls its still my favorite. Easily able to be cleaned, no corn starch needed so low maintenance and it's easy to wear so it feels a part of you. It flexes to right where it's needed and despite being a larger packer I felt this was more attune with exactly what I was needed then any packer before. My only complaint is I wish there was a stp and a movable balls upgrade cause of how good it is. It's the perfect one if you want to feel you have bigger balls or you have ball dysphoria in general. It's large tab can be in the way so I may trim it but that large tab helps keep it to you as well even without adhesive so it makes me still not want to cut it because it's a good way to ensure placement under a elastic band for underwear. The jock mail boxers with the simple harness held me in place nicely like a real pair of boxers and it doesn't feel like it will leave my body easily as it's held that well in place. Really recommend this packer and I hope they offer more options for coloration, stp versions and more in the future. Thank you Mrmin!

United States United States

Dysphoria destroyer

Fast Shipping and it’s fun cuz it’s squishy >:)

MRIMIN MRIMIN FTM Transgender 2 in 1 Packer and Play Ultra-Lifelike Prosthetic Penis-UL06 Review
France France


It's soft and bends/flexes which is very nice and it feels nice and soft against the skin. The texture is very nice and there's no smell!

Alex B.
United States United States


This penis prosthetic looks so good!

Kayden S.
United States United States

Still waiting for items to get here

Still waiting on my order to get here

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