Packing Gear

Our specially designed packing underwear is tailored to provide a complete and worry-free packing experience. The FTM packing underwear offers excellent support for your chosen packer, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. We offer three styles of MRIMIN packing underwear: FTM packer boxers , packer briefs and packer harness, both designed to provide a relaxed and secure fit. . Made from soft cotton, our packing underwear is not only comfortable but also discreet, making it perfect for daily use without worrying about slips or falls. Choose from our wide range of custom-made transgender underwear for the ultimate comfort and support in your everyday life.

Our FTM packing underwear is also the most cost-effective on the market, offering you the best value for your money.

Ship Discreet

MRIMIN respects your privacy and acknowledges your right to self-determination. All shipments arrive in plain packaging.

Global Delivery

Please note that for all non-US orders, you may be charged local taxes in order to retrieve your order.

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