<transcy>FTM STP</transcy>

The FTM STP allows individuals to urinate in a standing position, both in public restrooms and at home, providing a sense of liberation and convenience. Additionally, using this stand to pee device in public settings promotes safety and maintains personal dignity.

Individuals who wish to use a public restroom without drawing attention to themselves can now do so with greater ease and discretion, thanks to the availability of MRIMIN stand-to-pee packers. These versatile devices can serve multiple purposes, functioning not only as a traditional packer but also as a discreet tool for standing to urinate and, in some cases, even as a prosthetic device for sexual activity.

The innovative inner funnel features a urine passage and, as a 3-in-1 packer, many of our STP devices come equipped with an extra external device or erection rod, allowing for versatile use during intimate activities.

MRIMIN offer a diverse selection of STP packers, catering to various budget constraints, with options available at affordable and premium price points. Our products are designed to provide excellent value for money, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality solutions without breaking the bank.

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