MRIMIN Butt Plug with Silicone Anal Bead Anal Sex Toys with Safe Pull Ring


  • All silicone, safe, non-toxic and odourless.
  • Dense, smooth and nonporous structure, easy to clean.
  • Smooth and smaller bead on the head, easy to insert.
  • Convenient retrieval ring to pull them out. Separate round balls, more comfortable sex pleasure.
  • Four balls with six sizes, gradual sexual stimulation.
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Juliett S.

What you'd expect but above average.

These are standard anal beads with a few points that put them above others I've owned, but they're still what you'd expect out of anal beads. The silicone quality on these is great, very smooth and easy to clean with no irregularities or errors. The size of the beads is very well thought out, it gets a little smaller after the largest bead to make the initial pull a bit easier without reducing the impact of it. The beads themselves are surprisingly heavy and are spaced farther apart than normal, this results in them moving a lot more and reaching a little farther than most beads and is quite a nice feeling. Overall they're better than any other beads I've owned, but they're not out of this world either. Just really solid beads and I'd absolutely recommend them.

Germany Germany

Overall good product. Feels quality, other than perhaps needing string reinforcement.

Overall these are nice. The outer silicone is velvety smooth, however the beads themself are pretty firm with not much squish. The line holding the beads together is not reinforced by string or anything and is pretty stretchy. If you plan to use these pretty roughly, i would take caution of that. I would not recommend for beginners just because only the 1st 2 or so beads are fairly small, and it takes some adjustment to get these in without hurting yourself. I only managed to get the last one in 1 time, however this was due to length rather than girth. overall the beads are decently sized, with a fluctuation towards the end where it dips in size and then goes bigger. They feel good and are comfortable, but just slightly too long for me. I did not notice any toxic smell when they arrived, and for what its worth the basic tests to check of a product is genuine silicone, all checked out good. I did try these with Hybrid Silicone/Water based lube mix, and they did not appear to be affected by it, of course this will vary based on the type of lube used, so dont take my word for it, just test a spot and make sure.

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