MRIMIN Colorful Tentacle Dildo Octopus Huge Anal Plug Premium Liquid Silicone


  • 💖The TAPERED APPEARANCE makes it easier to penetrate. From top to bottom, this tentacle dildo gradually becomes thicker. It is a very excellent trainer, helping anal-exploring enthusiasts become an excellent hardcore player.The depressions and protrusions on the dildos like octopus antennae can bring us a unique and super cool stimulus during the penetrating. It's an amazing choice for G-spotP-spot Anal Vagina stimulation.
  • 💖PREMIUM LIQUID SILICONE makes this dildo soft and healthier. We don't need to worry about the dildos stinging our skin or causing allergic reactions.The roundedness of the end and the overall softness of the toy makes it surprisingly comfortable.
  • 💖THICK & FLEXIBLE SHAFT with full feeling makes an amazing analplug---The silicone of the tapered tip is very soft.

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